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Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard - recon approved with shaky file

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Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard - recon approved with shaky file

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

Approved $1K SL

$0 AF. 2 points per $1 gas, groceries, utilities. 1 point per $1 other.


FICO Score 8 612-617

Rep said they checked TU, but I'm unsure which score. TU Score 8: 617 / TU Bankcard Score 8: 621 / TU Bankcard Score 4: 632

1 old unsatisfied judgment, 1 recent small medical collection


Applied online. Got the message about having to wait 7-10 for mailed results. Called recon line next day and got reversal to approved status. Rep asked about income and job details (what I do), and I shared that and some extra info without prompting about my career history. Rep asked why credit history is only 4 years old. Oldest TL is a secured Capital One Platinum (standard rebuild story, low SL, got auto CLI to max $750). I also have a First Progress Secured $300. I told the rep the truth that I had issues in the past, so I closed all my CCs not thinking about TL age and AAoA at the time. I even shared I had some past dues even though that's all gone off the CBR, but I didn't elaborate. I explained I've been using the credit I have responsibly, but now I want a rewards card.


We shifted focus to the Cap1 history that does show. I explained how I charge a lot, but I typically pay it down to or near $0 because I learned to keep away from the max limits. I always make large payments in the hundreds or in full. Never miss payments, no CC problems, no CC apps for years, waited waited waited and built a new positive history. We talked about that I don't actually need the extra LOC as much as I want a rewards card. I was quick to give examples of how I use my cards to illustrate that it's about functionality as a consumer and that it's not because I'm dependent on credit. I gave an example of how the Kroger gas points (loyalty card only) I get are so cool, and I'm ready for a CC that does something more for me.


I can tell the rep was trained to dig in and evaluate risk but to also not lose a potential good new customer. I was quick and sharp on the points and let him know I'm on top of the credit stuff now despite the bad history. I let him know what I want and why I deserve a chance. He made a great decision.


Next stop: Call Cap1 recon and put a hold on that QuicksilverOne app. We're going to have to talk regular Quicksilver with no AF now that they have some competition with this Barclay approval.

AMEX BCE $5K 7/17 | Cap1 QS $5.75K 7/17 | Chase FU $4.5K 8/17 | Amazon Prime Visa Sig $4K 10/17
Barclaycard Rewards $2.5K 9/16 | Cap1 QS1 $750 9/16 (closed) | BB Visa $750 (closed) 8/16
Cap1 Platinum Sec $750 1/12 | First Progress Platinum Sec $300 6/14 (closed)
FICO 8 742 09/17, 617 09/16 | ~540 in prior years
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Re: Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard - recon approved with shaky file

Congrats on your rebuild and approval! 🎉 Seems you are headed in the right direction! 

*added- nice job on your recon as well!!!

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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