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Barclays Approved!!

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Barclays Approved!!

Got the itch last weekend and applied for the Choice Priviliges card. I probably should have waited, as my util was still over 30%, with a couple of cards at about 60%.


Apped on the website, and first I got some version 'can't extend you credit at this time. letter in mail'.  Letter came telling me what my score was and listed the negatives on my CR. I was a little disappointed, threw letter away, and had planned to app again in 6 months.


Was talking to coworker about CC's today, so I decided to go for a recon with Barclays.  Called recon number and someone answered phone right away. He asked for a reference number from the letter. Told him I threw letter away, and he found app by SSN.  He informed me the letter I received was not denial letter, but a letter they are required to send anyone who doesnt have an 850 (perfect) score. He asked me a few questions about income and time in my career field.  He also asked about some lates in 2009, and asked about why I had a $3900/5700 balance on one of my store cards.  I explained the lates, and informed him that the balance was on a 4 year, 0% APR,  furniture purchase. They didnt even mention an open collection I have from 2009.


He was then able to approve me with a $2.5k limit!! Said I should get card in about 7 days. This is my highest limit on a non AU, or store card. 


I use Choice Hotels VEERY much.  Im a big fan of Comfort Suites.  Im already a gold member, and was a diamond member up until 12/31/2012.  So this is a card I REAAALLLY wanted. ... As Im typing this, I just realized I forgot to ask if I still get the promo points.  Guess Ill find out  soon enough.


Fico Score was 684 TU, which is the same as TU98 here on this site

I used household annual income of $110K (Me & DW)

18yrs in same career field

UTIL is 34%


Nice way to start a Monday. This was my first App, after being in the garden since December of 2011.



5/2009 EQ-504(FICO), TU98-567(FICO), EX- 503 (FAKO)
10/17/11 EQ-633, TU04-652, EX-681 All lender Pulls
10/17/11 TU98-678
12/21/2012 TU98-677 (39% Util)
01/21/2012 EQ - 661 (37% Util) SW Alert
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Re: Barclays Approved!!

Congratulations.  That IS a nice way to start a Monday.


I have had their Holland America visa for about three months now, so I can't tell you what you might expect in the future, but their customer service has been good.  I think you will like them.

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Re: Barclays Approved!!


Barclays is too awesome with recons!!!

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Barclays Approved!!

That's great, glad you called in. Congrats! Smiley Happy

Starting Score: EQ 717 EX 724 TU 736
Current Score: EQ 832 EX 783 TU 816
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Re: Barclays Approved!!


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Re: Barclays Approved!!

Nice congrats! Barclay is awesome with recons! 

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Re: Barclays Approved!!


Starting Score: 06/03/2011 TU 625 EQ 612
Current Score (myFico ): February 2013 TU 720 EQ 720 EX 734
Wallet: Lowes15k, Paypal Mastercard 14k, WalmartDiscover 14k, Samsclub Discover 14k, Citi Forward 8.5k, PenFed Visa 6.5k
Challenge: App Free since 02/10/13. Next apps July 2013

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Re: Barclays Approved!!

Congrats! .. and it shows again not to be afraid of recon and call in, answer a few questions, etc. .. we can only win Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Barclays Approved!!


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Re: Barclays Approved!!

congratsSmiley Wink




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