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Barclays Uber Approval

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Re: Barclays Uber Approval

Congrats on your Uber card approval!!
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Re: Barclays Uber Approval

@bigpoppa09 wrote:

@Cubs16 wrote:

@bigpoppa09 wrote:
How did u apply through the App? I have never seen it in the app.

I downloaded the app on the iPhone and went to main menu>payment>payment offers>view all and the link was there to apply for the card.

I guess it will show up on IOS i have android i checked DW phone yesterday also and it wasn't there.


Congrats OP on the approval!


I can say, it seems to for sure be an iOS thing... The card has never shown up on either Android in our house, but shows up on each of my iOS devices. Go figure. I just may apply now that I found it.. Very nice card for Uber and Dining. The streaming services perk is nice too and only takes $5k yearly spend.

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