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Barclays Uber Visa Auto CLI

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Re: Barclays Uber Visa Auto CLI

Letter received over the weekend. APR lowered by 4 points indefinitely. Can only request lowering of APR once every 12 months.

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Re: Barclays Uber Visa Auto CLI

+1 Called main CS number. Received an APR of 4~%. Denied CLI without SP. Asked to speak to a Specialist, was told they had access to the same account info as anyone else so did not transfer me. APR reduction every 12mo. Is the backdoor number different than the main number? Can someone lmk what it is?
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Re: Barclays Uber Visa Auto CLI

Thanks for that info..... Nice to know Barclays has a heart for automatic increases.... I was recently approved for the same card and heard they are quiet conservative...... Will try to entice them buy charge my large purchases through them for a few months Smiley Happy
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