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Barneys NYC Approval and CLI!


Barneys NYC Approval and CLI!

Applied for a few cards the other day, got approved for Blue Nile and Barneys, denied for Neiman Marcus, no big deal. Called Blue Nile the next day through automated phone system and got denied a CLI. Called up Barneys automated line last night to ask for a CLI and went from 750 to 2750, Happy with the results so far Smiley Happy


 Also, 1 year ago I was instantly denied for Blue Nile and actually a few months ago was denied for Walmart and Macys.  All in All, very happy with the results, gonna lay off on any new applications for 6 months or so...


Thanks and good luck guys!

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Re: Barneys NYC Approval and CLI!

Grats on your new cards Smiley Happy
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