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Best Buy CLI with chp. 7 reporting


Best Buy CLI with chp. 7 reporting

Got my Best Buy Visa six months ago and really wanted an increase from $3,000. I know Citi Costco will not do a CLI if you have a chapter 7 reporting (tried and was the reason), so I assumed Best Buy would be the same.


Tried it just now and asked for a $5,000 increase and was instantly approved. Was a little shocked! It of course lets you know that it will be pulling a credit report. I am happy for that increase, though. 


FICO is 728 TU, 719 EXP and 689 EQ. Have a ton of new accounts and inquiries along with a new auto loan. I have used the card a lot, as I purchase a lot of games.


Wanted to give a yay for being able to get a CLI with a chapter 7 from 9/2013.

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Re: Best Buy CLI with chp. 7 reporting

Congratulations of a very nice increase to your BB card! Thank you for a great post - very informative! How and when did you acquire your Chase cards, your Citi DC, your Amex, and your BofA card after your d/c? You've done one of the best rebuild jobs from a bk in regards to the banks that you have either gotten back in with or as a new customer. Amazing!


Hubby's d/c was 7/14, and he app'd for the Citi Costco and was instantly approved with a SL of $5.5K.  He has tried for an increase, but as you have confirmed, it won't be happening anytime soon. Hasn't app'd for any Chase cards, the Citi DC, or Amex cards. He's been very successful with Discover, though, with a CL of $15.5K.


Besides your scores that I see, what are your other stats if you don't mind sharing. Again, super happy for you! 

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Re: Best Buy CLI with chp. 7 reporting

Congrat! I didn't know Citi Costco won't do a CLI w/BK reporting, but I'm not a Costco fan - yeah, great store, but an hour away for me and being happily single buying in bulk doesn't work for me.


But yeah, Citi Best Buy definitely does a CLI (w/HP) with a BK reporting, they gave me a $1k CLI in 2014 with my 2010 BK7 reporting, with Citi CCs included. The one thing they are absolutely anal about is refusing to remove an annual fee. I don't think Citi issued BBY cards have an AF, but I got my BBY MC as my first unsecured CC in 2011, less than 1 year post D/C, when HSBC issued it as a sub par card. I didn't mind the $59 AF that early in my rebuild, but by 2015 I'd had enough of it, it ate up most of BBY rewards. So I worked my way up the back door numbers all the way up to the EO, and always got the same answer: "If a card has an AF it will always have an AF". So I finally told them: "Well, this card will no longer have an AF, close it effective immediately".


Cap One had it a year or so between HSBC & Citi, and they doubled my CL w/no HP when I asked them. I should have asked Cap One to remove the AF, I might have got it removed. Oh well, I rarely shop Best Buy much anymore, I used to regularly buy Blu-ray movies but moved on to other interests & hobbies and just rent from Netflix.

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