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Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

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Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

What a whirlwind.  I had 4 cards I really wanted on the back burner. WF World Propel (denied in january, approved in march), FNBO Travel Elite Amex, Bank of America Better Balance Rewards, and 5/3 Trio. BBR and FNBO are similar in their no frills no AF aspect, and feature packed!


I also like testing the waters and wanted to get the highly sought after card...and ended up being past a certain date since I was so indecisive.  So I found a working link for the app, logged in to BOA to populate some info, filled out the rest, then I sat there. I realized I wanted FNBO more than anything else (well, the 5/3 Trio is also huge on my list).


I kept thinking, do I really need this card (fnbo).  Then I realized its with a bank I have wanted to get established with for years.  I also knew their special products can disappear at any time.  And I didnt even THINK the travelelite amex would be gone today!  So I applied, and it was not instantly approved or denied. Said 2-4 weeks. Figured that was gonna be a denial, so that is when I finished my BBR app and got instantly approved.  $10k. They did take $5k from my Merrill+ card which is just fine with me.


Got an email this morning to check the status on FNBO TravelElite Amex.  It was denied (which I already saw/suspected).  So I called in. The rep said it was only because of too many recent inquiries. I explained the only cards I had opened in the last 6 months were bank of america in december, and just one in march because I bank with them (wf propel). Said I had not been a big fan of credit cards until I understood the benefits and protections they offer so have been doing some fine tuning.  So she said she would send it in for a manual review, it would NOT be a 2nd HP (ha we'll see) and for me to call back tomorrow.  Rep seemd very positive and upbeat and said it should not be a huge issue in over turning this but she could not make any promises.  Then tonight I see the card is no longer offered!  That was pretty good timing!! 


Now I just hope they approve me and also start getting 5/3 mailers again.  Here is a pic showing I applied 5/31 and was approved 5/31!  And yes, it did cross my mind to go for 2 BOA cards at once, but I didn't want to.  They have been good to me.  Might be nearing my max exposure with them, as my merrill+ approval last year was instant, 15k, and did not siphon away limits from my other card.  And in case anyone is curious the link to apply finally doesn't work.  I guess we can say I am officially the last one to get this card, excluding people that were denied and had to recon later. Lol.



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Re: Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

Congrats on the nice approval! BofA rocks!
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Re: Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

Patience does pay off!  A kind shout out to Galahad15, I just checked my status and it was approved!  $2,900  should grow  just fine with time via SP.  Since they did tell me to call tomorrow, I will, wondering how difficult it would be to get the limit recon'd a bit?



EQ 730, TU 730, EX 720. INQs EQ-1, TU-9, EX-7 AAOA 4yrs Util 6% Inspiration: Themanwhocan's Cash Back Charts
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Re: Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

Great job, and way to slide right under the deadline on the BBR... it's a great card!  Smiley Very Happy


Huge congrats!  screamer.gif



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Re: Better Balance Rewards Approved, FNBO?

Congrats on both approvals

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