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Bittersweet Approval!

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Bittersweet Approval!

Sooooooooooo....  I'm sure some of you are going to guess where this is going before I even write it....But let me begin the story anyway!


Kind of been in the garden since November except for a break in my discipline in late February when I went for the Venmo card. (Because I had utilities that aren't giving me enough cash back and darn it, I'm gonna get that 3%!)


Anyway.... I fell into another trap as I been watching some YouTube videos all about travel cards. I don't travel much. We often take staycations at home - even before Coronavirus. And now that my son is older than two... He needs his own seat on a plane and that's definitely a bump in the road for going anywhere far.


So what happened? I had to go visit some family about two hours away in early March. I don't know if many of you can relate, but I've learned an important lesson in the last few years after trying to stay with friends and family. That lesson is simple: book a hotel and never stay in someone's house. (especially if they're home at the time). You never know who's up at 3am. You don't know how loud they snore.. You might find they only have one set of sheets for the guest bed.. and their breakfast skills might be non-existent.


So back to the topic.. I'm watching YouTube and these deals on a few cards are selling themselves to me hard. They make sense. I can afford the fee and I can use the credits to maximize their worth. I'm not staying with family anymore, and since that fact will now cost me at least $300 a year in hotels, I might as well get some added benefits by being one of these premium credit card holders, right? 


So it comes down to Marriott Amex and Chase Sapphire. I've already stayed in a Marriott this year and I've booked another one in June. Back in '18 I stayed in the Westin and thought they treated me very well.. and now I'm a Marriot guy.


The math led me to the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Seems like a great card. Seems like I can make that work. But Chase hates me. And I'm barely past 5/24 because I opened my Discover card in December 2018.


My wife has a good relationship with Chase (has a freedom flex) and she's way under 5/24. We got things to work on for her credit, but shes come into the low 700s since last year being in the 530s. She's watched all the videos with me and she agrees, what the heck, let me app for CSP. Instant denial.


So I give it a shot. Why not? I got every single thing I really need from credit cards and I just switched everything to autopay in full because I've finally learned to be responsible. Worse case they deny me, my score sinks a few points and I'll just deal with the next few years or months until I'm ready to try again.  I get the 30 days in writing notice. Crap. Oh well. Time to plant flowers in that garden and grow something.. can't just sit there and drink wine anymore. Lol.


I look over my credit reports to see what the issue could possibly be. I find it. I feel so dumb for not knowing. I wasted my score by applying to Chase because my Discover was not opened in 12/18 but 12/19. Ugh. 


Okay... Whatever. Let's throw in the towel but not before seeing if Amex will love me. I have a BCP and a toy limit of 1k. They denied my CLI at 61 days and 90 days. They told me to try towards the end of April. So... Instead of CLI I thought.. Let me try a card. I go for the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant and cringe as I hit the submit button. Instant approval! $8800 limit. AWESOME. I show my wife and she honestly cried. We hugged. It felt great.


Story isn't over yet tho.


I spend the next hour and a half trying to organize all my bills to get them ready to all go on this card to make that SUB. 5k is a little much but looking at my YNAB budget it seems like I can do it a lot easier than I thought. Great. I forgot I have this $3500 expense coming up that I'm supposed to get reimbursed for (longER story).. So now I'm extra comfortable. This should be easy-ish.


The next day I see my Marriot status updates in the app, I get a tracking number for my card and I'm so excited to see this package come in the mail. I forget how long it takes, but it got there in less than 4 days for sure. I wanna say 2?


So life is good. It's all done. Everything is together. We're happy. We're ready to celebrate the fact that I'm not going to watch anymore YouTube credit card videos for a long long time now.


At work the day after I received the card, I get a call from an 800 number. I never answer these. I don't know why I did. I figured it might be Amex to check in or something. So I answered. It's Chase. Ugh. Something about a fraud alert and they just want to verify that I applied for a card. I'm about to hang up because I know I'm over 5/24 and I have zero accounts with Chase so... their fraud department isn't really doing anything for me, right? But I'm polite. Let me just go thru it with the nice lady because I have the time.


She asked the standard questions.. Puts me on hold.. Comes back on the phone and says CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE BEEN APPROVED with a $13000 limit. Oh. My. God. I don't know whether to celebrate or cry or get angry or all three. I hold my composure and thank her very much for her time and told her I'm excited to be part of the Chase family. She says welcome again and we hang up.


Now I need to spend $9000 in 90 days. I'm beyond thrilled.. But holy crap. Wasn't expecting this. Worst case I'll take a loan from myself and pay some extra bills upfront to make these SUBS... But oh boy... What a crazy thing to happen. What the frig. Where's 5/24 when you need it?? 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️


Thank you all for reading.

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

Congratulations on your approvals! Thank you for sharing your story.

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

Congratulations on your approvals! Thank you for sharing your story. Enjoy your new Amex and Chase cards!

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

Big Congratulations on those awesome  approvals!! 👍😀

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

This was such a nice read, congrats! Smiley Happy

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

That was a wild ride. I'm glad you were kind & patient with the nice lady, instead of hanging up. 😂 Congrats!!Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

What a great story! Congratulations!

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!


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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

Your a champ. Appreciate the story and Congratulations!

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Re: Bittersweet Approval!

Congratulations on your approvals!

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