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Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

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Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

Hello everybody,


In last weekend's credit adventure, Bizarro's wife got a CLI on her Macy's card from $600 to $3,000. Last night, at dinner, we were talking about the next possible move and I suggested that if she can get a CLI like that, she can almost certainly get a Capital One or Chase (where we do our banking) card. I told her I would check via the prequalify pages.


I enter the information on Chase and see she's prequalified for the Slate, Freedom Unlimited and Sapphire Reserved. I set that aside and looked at Capital One. She gets prequalified for the Quicksilver and Venture One. I told her what was going on and she gave me the OK to finish off the applications as I saw fit. We don't do a lot of travel, so I started with the Freedom Unlimited. I got a 30 day notice. I then tried for the Quicksilver. I got the 7-10 day notice. 


This morning, I go and check our Chase accounts to see where we were with our checking and savings. I then see a Freedom Unlimited item at the bottom with a $5,500 limit. I immediately ran into the bedroom and told her. She couldn't beleive it. 


The thing that makes this really unusual is that a few months back, when we were looking to move, we found out that I had better credit than her, mainly due to her student loans (she's a PhD candidate and those bills add up) and some medical bills from last year. My guess is that since she's had accounts with Chase longer than she's had me, they took that into account when making their decision. But overnight and for that amount on a holiday weekend? Once again, the credit world is bizarre. 


(Hopefully, the Capital One comes through for a similar or higher amount, but I told her to recon that if she gets turned down since we just moved).

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Re: Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

Congrats to DW!.

Bizare indeed, im glad you included Freedom Unlimited in title, was gonna think, Uh Oh, what did Bizaro do now to upset wifeSmiley Wink
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Re: Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

Congrats to the wife. Mine only just recently acquired her first 2 cards in her rebuild - Discover CBM for $800 and CFU at $5000!!! Cap1 turned her down, likely due to an old CO she paid around November. She's still waiting on her NFCU CR for $24,000. If CFU surprised her NFCU about floored her. It's great when our wives have success, isn't it? Like yours, mine doesn't like dealing with it much and prefers I help her out with it all, but I teach what little I know each step along the way. Iwish both of you continued good fortune.

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Re: Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

Was your wife prequaled for the sapphire preferred or the reserve?

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Re: Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

I stand corrected. It was the Preferred. I would have gone for the Reserve given the typical starting line.

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Re: Bizarro's wife goes FU (Freedom Unlimited)

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