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Blispay Denied, Citi Approved (7-10 day message)

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Blispay Denied, Citi Approved (7-10 day message)


Scores: 700ish

Utilization: 24% overall, 2 cards with ~60% utilization, 1 with 10%

Mortgage: 2 years

Auto: 2 months

AAoA: 35 months

Inquiries: EX 8 in past year (6 are auto related), TU 3 (2 auto related), EQ 2 (Both auto)

Derogs: 1 90+ day late in 2014

Income: $70k


I pulled Ex on MF right before I applied and Fico 8 is 702, Fico 8 Bankcard is 698.


Applied for Blispay first. Asked 3 verification questions and then denied. They pulled Experian.


Applied for Citi Simplicity and got a 7-10 day message. I called in and the customer rep needed to verify my phone number and address. Approved for $1800. They pulled Experian and Transunion-- I don't have free monitoring on EQ so not sure if they did a triple pull yet :-/ When I app'd for DC, they pulled EX and EQ.


I currently have a Citi Double Cash which will hit 2 years in April-- I've never been late, use it a lot, and paid in full before the last statement. It started at $1500 and has slowly moved up to $3100. I didn't have any prequals but the 0 apr would be really beneficial for me right now and I figured my prior relationship might give me an edge so I cold app'd.


I'm planning to take the HP and request a CLI when I get the card since I won't be applying for any other credit for awhile.

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Re: Blispay Denied, Citi Approved (7-10 day message)

Congrats on Citi! 

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Re: Blispay Denied, Citi Approved (7-10 day message)

Congrats on CitiSmiley Happy
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