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Blispay & Sheetz

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Blispay & Sheetz

Scores ~753 at time of approval, util ~ 24% (half of which on an AU account FWIW) pulled the trigger for Blispay on the 22nd and the Sheetz Visa yesterday, approved for both, SL on Blispay $4500, unknown for Sheetz, I guess I'll have to wait for the card to arrive Smiley Happy EDIT: Both pulled EX.

Also, yesterday the new design for my Discover MORE Smiley Very Happy came in and my CL on it actually got auto bumped by Disco a few days ago by $1800 plus I had just gotten a $500 bump when I requested a CLI a few weeks ago. I'm guessing the auto CLI was a result of me paying down my ~3k BT balance to 0 since the auto bump came a few days after the statement cut with a $0 balance. Oh, and I joined DCU as well lol (might need a car loan a few months down the road).

All in all: a good week Smiley Wink

P.S. and the wife got approved for the new Ally CC as well so there'll be quite a few pieces of plastic with my name on them in the mail next week Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Blispay & Sheetz


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Re: Blispay & Sheetz

Nice work on the approvals and increase

Total CL: $321.7kUTL: 2%AAoA: 7.0yrsBaddies: 0Other: Lease, Loan, *No Mortgage, All Inq's from Jun '20 Car Shopping

BoA-55k | NFCU-45k | AMEX-42k | DISC-40.6k | PENFED-38.4k | LOWES-35k | ALLIANT-25k | CITI-15.7k | BARCLAYS-15k | CHASE-10k

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Re: Blispay & Sheetz

Speaking of Ally, I really like how the sign-up bonus is based on the number of billing cycles and not the "first 3 months."  It's more straightforward.

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Re: Blispay & Sheetz

Congratulations! Well done!

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Re: Blispay & Sheetz


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Re: Blispay & Sheetz


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