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Blispay approval

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Re: Blispay approval

@Anonymous wrote:
Hi everyone, last week on Thursday, I submitted an application online, needing to call in after answering a couple questions she told me to wait for decision. I was thinking this is going to be long time to wait for them come to decision . Lol , but today I got a welcome email 9K SL. I guess if you leave them alone they may process application fast.

Congrats, nice limit for a Blispay.


Mine is at $7.5k for example...

TU-8: 804 EX-8: 805 EQ-8: 788 EX-98: 767 EQ-04: 752    
TU-9 Bankcard: 837 EQ-9: 823 EX-9 Bankcard: 837
Total $443,800
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