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BoA $4,000 CLI

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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BoA $4,000 CLI

Reluctantly hit the CLI button today for my Cash Rewards card and got a decent CLI.

Opened 7/18, $1,500 SL
5/19/19: CLI request for $3,500, countered with $2,800
9/11/19: CLI request for $12,000, countered with $6,800.

I put ~$2-300 on the card monthly and always PIF.

TU FICO8: 734

I see the request CLI link still visible. I believe that will probably go away after today and I’ve read that people usually get denied trying to double dip. I assume $6,800 is already the amount they’re comfortable at with me since that is what they countered with. Looking forward to hitting it again early next year!

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Re: BoA $4,000 CLI

Congrats on the CLI!!

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Re: BoA $4,000 CLI


Congrats on you're BoA CLISmiley Happy


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Re: BoA $4,000 CLI

Congrats! Have you considered calling in an having your card upgraded to a Visa Signature? After my last CLI on my BoA Cash Rewards Visa put me over $5000 CL, I requested an upgraded Visa Signature card. No hard pull and I received it in about two weeks. Just be sure to redeem your rewards before you make the request or you can lose them, or so I was told.

Your FICO credit scores are not just numbers, it’s a skill.

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Re: BoA $4,000 CLI

My BoA CR is a world MasterCard, so not sure how it works for MC...

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Re: BoA $4,000 CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!!!

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