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BoA Cli Luv

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: BoA Cli Luv

No words except.....  congrats!   Lord help whomever takes out that 25k, beast # right there for a cash advance!

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Re: BoA Cli Luv

WOW! I hope to get my BOA to the same level in the future.

AmEx Platinum NPSL l BoA Cash Rewards $40,000 l CapOne Quicksilver $24,000 l AmEx Blue Cash $17,000 l Citi Prestige $15,500 l AmEx Platinum Delta $11,000 l AmEx Cash Magnet $10,500 l CapOne Savor $10,000 l Citi Simplicity $10,000 l Amazon Store Card $10,000 l Discover IT $8,000 l Discover IT $7,000 l Chase Sapphire Preferred $7,000 l Chase Freedom Unlimited $6,000 l Chase Marriott Bonvoy $5,000 l Mercurycard $5,000 l Chase Amazon $4,000 l Citi Double Cash $4,000

Back to the garden forever
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Re: BoA Cli Luv

I reiterate... When BoA likes, they REALLY like you Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy



Amex PRG (NPSL), Amex Blue Cash ($8K), Amex Simply Cash+ ($4K), Discover ($20.7K), Cap 1 Union Plus MC ($2500), Chase FU Visa Sig ($12K), Chase F Visa Sig ($8.3K), Chase CSP Visa Sig($6.5K), FCB/Elan Rewards Visa Sig($10K), Buckle ($1.3K), BofA AAA Rewards ($67.6K), Paypal credit ($6.5K), BBVA Clearpoints ($7.5K), Cap 1 Savor ($10K)
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