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BofA auto-CLI x2

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BofA auto-CLI x2

I started my credit journey with BofA secured card @ $1,000, after 8 months I asked for unsecure and got CLI to @ $2,100.

11 months ago I asked for a CLI, asked 15k, got 6k, called and used same HP to 10k.


I just checked my account and it is at 14k.


Haven't used the card in 1 year, I got a smal BT and this month is the last payment.


Thank you BofA


EDIT: DW also got 4k auto-CLI, more details below.

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Re: BofA auto-CLI

Steady as a rock PROGRESS.


And why I always say, BofA Really Rocks!


Congrats to you Smiley Happy

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Re: BofA auto-CLI

DW BofA card also 4k auto-CLI, wow.

This is her 3rd card at 10k or more (was 7k now 11k), 2 weeks ago she asked for CLI on JPC and got 10k limit.


I wonder if the balance on that card, that was at 35% and now will be 23%, will change anything on her scores (FICO or Vantage). Overall util less than 8%

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