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BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Hi Everyone Smiley Wink 


I have finally hit some milestones after months and months of gardening, waiting for my accounts to age and my scores to all reach the 700's.

Last June I had about $6600 across my 5 lines of credit.

My BofA cash rewards gave me an auto cli of 3000 when the statement closed taking that card to 5700 !


After doing some reading yesterday I decided to pull the trigger on another goal hich was opening an account and getting a Card with PenFed. I opened the account over the phone and applied for their new card the pwer cash rewards via loan officer and was approved with a sl of $5000 14.49% int Smiley Wink  I can't beleive it my total across my 6 cards is now $20,800

just 10 months later. I would like lower interest rates at some point but I am just appreciative for the approvals !!!


Thank you to all that contribute to this forum, it encourages me so much to set goals and acheive credit worthiness Smiley Happy

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Re: BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Congrats on your clli and new plastic


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Re: BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Congrats on your two recent successes being the CLI along with the new PenFed card.. I bank with PenFed and am very happy with them and recently opened that same card and got the same APR as you and since I have checking it becomes a very nice 2% card. If you are looking for a new bank, penfed is a great CU.  Currently have a Checking/Savings/Over draft/PLOC/CC and auto loan with them..  

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Re: BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Hey & Thank you Meanmchine !


Hey there CreditCuriousity thank you too and I am thinking of opeing a checking account just for the 2%. The problem is there are no branches or shared branches and I am on the west coast In California. No Doubt PenFed is a Wonderful credit union I have had my eye on them for a while now. I have savings accounts at other credit unions that soft pull but do not offer any products unless you cold apply for them. I'm happy that Penfed lets you know if you qualify for prodcuts and offers them to you is what I have read. 


Bofa has been great to me and I bank with them they are don't offer great options for savings so I use Patelco Credit Union for saving with their money market. They are local and I can transfer funds from Bofa without fees. Thank you so much for the info on the other banking products with PenFed I will look into them to see if any of them will work for me

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Re: BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Congrats on your successes!. PenFed has a stellar product  list, excellent support staff, and they are very easy to work with. I have had a couple of automobile loans and currently have a Visa Cash rewards card with them. I could not be happier and welcome you to their family. Good luck and may you have many more successes in your journey. 

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Re: BofA auto cli & Penfed Power Cash Rewards Approval !!!

Great job Smiley Happy. If Boa gave you auto love they must really like you and id recommend going for a cli , even thogh it will be hp, that might suprise you with a great increase. Shoot for the moon and you just might go lunarSmiley Wink
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