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Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

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Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Hey guys! Got some good news from the depths of the Cap1 bucket.


I have a Cap1 QS that I PC'ed from a Platinum (1K SL) I opened in December 2018. (First credit card after a paid charge off in 2017.) Looked to see if my credit steps $500 applied yet. Saw it went up to 2.5K instead of 1.5K. Mind you, I just charge my monthly music subscription to it. My brother is an AU on it too, but he never uses it. So we are talking like 10 dollars a month spend on it. 


So a pleasent suprise from the Cap! That is a 150% increase instead of a 50%. I'm in the 10K club now! Smiley Happy

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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

I went ahead and asked for a manual increase on top of it too. They don't hard pull your credit and I already got an increase to begin with. Maybe incentivizing that I spend on other cards might give it another bump. I know greedy but looking for data on trying to get others out of bucket hell. 


Or I am in eligible because I received the Auto-CLI Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Congrats on your increase

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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Congrats on your auto CLI! What did the computer say when you asked for a manual increase? If it's something like they'll let you know the outcome in so many days, then it's generally a denial.
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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Yeah it’s a 2-3 day message. Eh, it was worth a shot. I will just shut up and take my added auto CLI on a card I don’t use lol
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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Very nice, congrats on your CLI Smiley Happy

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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Grats on the bigger than expected boost Smiley Happy
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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Congrats! That’s a pretty decent limit with that card, especially if you opened it only 6-7 months ago.

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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Lol! I can't stand when they say "in a few days they will let you know" when it's a flat out denial. Just get it over with and just say its "denied" right away. They leave ppl hopeful for days thinking that they have a chance. If you read the MF Forums frequently you know that's the nice way some credit card companies deny you. For the ppl who dont know, they really are waiting those 2-3 days or 7-10 days. I wish they all could be just cut and dry about it!! Pure!!!!

Congratulations!! That's a large jump for a first time Cap 1 increase. What's the age of your oldest account?? Are you fairly new to credit or new to rebuilding?
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Re: Bucketed Cap1 Auto CLI?

Im newish and building. My student loans of 6 years. But I had a bad run in with a Dillard’s Card and paid after charge off. So I’m new to credit again after having it in my head that I didn’t need a credit card ever. But they changed after I realized I can’t just ride student loans for my credit score.

And I found it fun to play the credit card and credit score game.
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