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I applied for two cards simultaneously.....1/6/17 7-10 day message. called recon same night. Very nice rep said [BOTH DENIED] due to delinquency's....I explained they were from 2010 and WHY they are chg offs.....she says ...glad you explained, let me revisit apps..hold for 10 minutes. Came back with, ok you will need to call our verification dept 1st thing Monday, they will need to speak with the way, you may not get BOTH cards..which one would you choose if u had that choice..I answer..the Fairmont Card, then  we talked for another 15-20 mins about life stuff..kinda cool...yesterday I call app status line..recording says both [BOTH PENDING REVIEWS]....Called app status line today...FAIRMONT APPROVED..5k...IHG still pending...Interesting the card I said I would choose is the one approved 1st! Customer rep gave me ref #'s for both cards for when I call verification dept. 2nd card with Chase that I called recon and had Denial overturned...both initially denied for exact reason..chg offs from 2010 that are falling off in a few months...then i will have.. "totally clean bureaus", except for the 8 Comenity cards that will show as CLOSED BY GRANTOR as comenity closed them all in one fell SWOOP, siting too many inq..they were all from the SCT.....Next Chase card will be the CSP.....Give it 6 months , no apps. My wallet will be happy...PS ONE PULL FOR BOTH CARDS

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Grats on your success, just goes to show don't always take no for an answer
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