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CITI Advanatge SP CLI

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CITI Advanatge SP CLI

Logged in to my CiTI Bank to see whats up and was pleasntly surprised to see they are offering Sp CLI. So I punched in my nymbers and Viola $8,000 increase. This is my first increase since I got the card in 2014. I have a Barclay Advantage as well so probably will do a PC to new Costco card.



Your credit limit has been increased by $8,000.00 for a total new credit limit of $24,200.00.
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To request an additional credit limit increase, please enter your Total Requested Credit Limit below. Our credit department will review your request within 24 hours.

New Credit Limit: $












EQ 786 2/2018
TU 792 8/2018
EX 776 2/2018 Chase CSR $28.5k
Barclay Advantage $17.5 k
Amex BCE $29k
CITI Advantage $24.2k
Amex HILTON $13k
Total Rewards visa $20K
Chase INK $11k
Chase Sapphire Reserve $28.5k
BOA 8k
Discover IT 8K
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Re: CITI Advanatge SP CLI

Fabulous news on the SP CLI and a great new limit! Congratulations! Smiley Happy

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Re: CITI Advanatge SP CLI


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