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CL Increase


CL Increase

i called couple credit card today

1:BOA from 3k3 request to 12K,they told me it will be HP. i said ok,2 mins later pretty nice lady came back and told me she can't approval for 12 K but 10k. ok i accept it ^_~

2:GE Samclubs store card from 1k4 request to 5K, they told me will SP. 2 mins come back for 4k2. ok i accept it.

3:US Bank i called credit under writting. they told me they can not approval my credit because to much inquiries. i told them all of them was for my car auto refinance. she checked then told me she re-submit back. it will take 2-4 business day. hopfully they will approval me.

* i hate citi bank, my credit limit with them 12k5. when i used citi up to 11k. then i paid down 7k and they droped my limit close to balance.i'll close citi bank credit card when US Bank approval me.i opened this card 2005 never late anything and used 20 K in years with this card.

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Re: CL Increase

Congrat Justin.......very nice long did you had your card ???is that first increase ???

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Re: CL Increase


cc's copy
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Re: CL Increase

Nice congrats!

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Re: CL Increase

Congrats on the increases!

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Re: CL Increase


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Re: CL Increase

Yes this is my first CL increase. I got BOA 4 years and GE 2 years

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Re: CL Increase


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Re: CL Increase

Congrats! Citi sucks!
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