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CLI party

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CLI party

A fruitful day of CLI (card, increase amount/response)

Discover1 - $300
Discover2 - No and stop being greedy
Amazon Store-$2700 (first EVER for this card, second ever from Synchrony)
Citi AAdvantage-LOL we just gave you a new card. Stop being greedy
Ebates/Rakuten Visa-LOL no. We’re special, you’re not.
Lowe’s-LOL-you’re joking, right? It’s cute you keep asking though. 500-4-LYFE, sister
Macy’s-$2000 (I think I left some on the table here).

In the last week or so:
Navy Go Rewards - $1400
Williams Sonoma-no and don’t be greedy. You don’t need any Breville or All-Clad anything
Total Rewards Visa-LOL no. Like you have money to be gambling.

The denial reasons in the letters will probably be more along the lines of “insufficient experience at credit limit” or my personal favorite “not enough paid on mortgage/lack of home equity” (specific wording depends on lender).

$7,700 total CLI - total CL now $72,250

Up later this month:
Paypal CB Mastercard
I may try Walmart again one last time (that’s the one and only Synch CLI I had ever gotten prior to today).

FICO8’s currently 690-700-ish (not sure who looked at what report from when)
Reported Util 26% (on $46k limits currently reported)
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Re: CLI party


Congrats on The $7,700 total CLISmiley Happy


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Re: CLI party

Pretty good run, congrats to all your success Smiley Happy
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Re: CLI party

Congrats! If Amazon CLI was through the luv button, you can still call Credit Solutions (877-379-8173) today for an extra bump. Ask for 8-10k, worst that can happen is they counteroffer. Good luck !


[10/21] Scores 8/9: 700-800s. Util: 1-2%. Inq/12: EQ 6, EX 8, TU 1. AAoA=5y, AoOA=34y, AoYA=10m.
Personal TCL: $296K. Affinity FCU: Cash Rewards VS, PLOC. AOD FCU VS. Cap One: QS MC, QS Visa, SavorOne, Walmart. Discover it CB. DSNB: Bloomies Amex, Macy's Amex. NFCU: cashRewards VS, Plat MC, Plat Visa, CLOC. PNC|BBVA: Points VS (x2), Cash Rewards VS. SECU MD VS. Truist|BB&T Bright. WF Propel. Misc: Overstock, Target.

Business TCL: $24K. 2021-22 Project: Business Profile. AoYA=4m
AmEx: Amazon Prime, Lowe's. FNBO Evergreen. Staples LOC. Quill Net30. Uline. Office Depot.
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