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CLs Nearly Doubled Today w/New Cards


CLs Nearly Doubled Today w/New Cards

I decided to come out of the garden today and add a couple of new cards.  One gave me a big surprise in CL amount, while other, not so much.


Added today:


Chase FU (prequal) - $25K, 15.74 % APR.  In addition, I will be moving my current Freedom CL to the FU once I have the new card in hand

Citi TY Premier - not a prequal - $11k, 18.24% APR (was hoping for slightly larger CL w/15.24% APR).  Hoping to reduce the APR after getting the card in hand


In total, $36 K in CL added to the current $38k.  This puts me at $74k.  Will definitely help keep that util% under control, especially as I have been travelling more often for work.   Understandably, there will be a trade-off with additional inquiries and reduct in avg age.


Next steps - back in the garden for the next 18 months, sock-drawer my Cap1 and Chase Freedom, get a CLI for my Amex BCP in July and PC my Citi Diamond Preferred to DC in August.


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Re: CLs Nearly Doubled Today w/New Cards

Great new approvals Smiley Happy
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