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CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

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CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Hi everyone,


First time poster here after a few months of being on the forums reading posts and learning a whole lot about credit cards, credit scores and how the whole system works. Bit of backstory on me, I am originally from Ireland and moved to the U.S. early 2016. I read about credit cards and thought the Chase Sapphire Preferred would be perfect for me as I do a lot of eating out and a fair amount of travelling and would love the chance to earn points to book flights back home for holidays etc. I naively applied for the CSP when I opened my account with Chase back in March 2016 and of course was denied. 0 credit history and I had only just moved here. I then decided I would do everything I could to work on my credit score, learn about how it all works and build up my profile with a view to getting myself approved for the CSP.


I applied for a secured Discover card in April 2016 and always kept utilization below 30%, most of the time below 10%, and always PIF after my statement cut. Around September I applied and was approved for the Capital One Platinum card and then in October I applied for the AMEX Blue Cash and AMEX Everyday cards and was approved for both. My plan was to use these cards wisely to build my score and hopefully around April of this year I would have a year of credit history and would then look into applying for the CSP again.


Last week however I found myself on the Chase Pre-Qualified offers page and usually it said there was no offers available for me, but this time it had the Freedom, Slate and CSP up saying I was pre-approved. I thought about it and then said what the hell, I'll give it a go and went for it! At first I had the 30 days message, then it said 7-10 days and I would get a letter in the mail. I got a letter requesting proof of address a couple of days ago, as I only moved to a new apartment last month, and went into my local Chase branch today to ask could they send in my proof of address documents. The banker sent those in and said he would call me back when he got word from them. About 20 mins after leaving the branch I got a phone call from the banker with the news, APPROVED for the CSP with an 8k limit. I am absolutely over the moon. I set a goal and reached it before I had even hoped for, they are expediting the card out to me and I cannot wait to begin using that as my card for everyday spending and beginning earing those UR's! 


When applying my scores were -


FICO 8 from AMEX was EX 727, and my EQ and TU were 686 on Capital One and Credit Karma... I don't know if they are legitimate true scores.

My AAOA was 3 months

Total credit was 8.4k

Had between 2 and 5 inquires on each report.


Appreciate all of the knowledge and help you all (unknowingly) gave to me over the last few months and defintely helped to make this possible. I'm pretty much set and happy now, off to the garden, maybe I'll take a trip out for a Sapphire Reserve in a couple of years of whatever top card is around then! Great late Xmas present from Chase!


Sorry for the long post, if you made it this far appreciate ya taking the time to read it, I'm one happy man!

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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Outstanding! Congrats

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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Thats fantastic to readSmiley Happy. ENJOY your new card and thanks for sharing with usSmiley Happy
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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Welcome to the forums and congrats on your approval!! Awesome!

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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Congrats on the Chase approval 

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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!


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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

EXCELLENT NEWS! Look @ you go. Have fun with your new SL.
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Re: CSP Approval, Limited History, Goal Card Achieved!

Congrats on your approval! I've had my eyes on the CSP as well, but since I'm at 8/24 it's gonna be out of reach for about another year for me. Glad you were able to use this forum's wealth of knowledge to get the cards you really want!

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