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CSP Approval and thank you!

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Re: CSP Approval and thank you!


@MissImMe wrote:
So I've been lurking around here for about 6!years. I've used everything and anything that I've read to improve my terrible credit and pay down my debt.

I went from a First Premier secured card to now having:

Citi Aadvantage $1000
Citi DP (Just converted to Thank you preferred) $1900
Amex platinum NPSL
TD Cash rewards $5000
AAFCU $5000
A couple of synchrony & comenity cards.

Today, I HAD to pull the trigger on apping and walked into my local Chase and apped for CSP. When she said I was approved, I was elated! They declined me about 5 years ago. Look how far I've come.
I asked how much and she said 25. I said $2,500--perfect. She said no--$25,000! Holy utilization batman!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank the forum for your help. I was a true student and absorbed everything offered. You all are amazing!

Just in case,

Again, a million thanks! Know that what you post is really changing lives. Now I'll wait around to see how many points I lost from the HP. :-D

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing!Smiley Happy

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Re: CSP Approval and thank you!

No problem. I have 1 collection on my TU. It's going to fall off early next year. That's my only baddie remaining.
Had no inquiries at that moment either.

Income is 100k+.

Finally hit the 800 club. I don’t see any other credit cards that I want. Guess I’ll garden.
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Re: CSP Approval and thank you!

Congrats on your building sucess !!

Fico 8's TU 756/ EQ 754/ EX 743- 8/2020// AAoA 5.7 years // Lines August 2020 = 619k Personal - Business 61k // Inquiries 6 TU - 0 Exp - 0 Eq.
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