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CSP Approval

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CSP Approval

I just got approved for the sapphire approved and thought it would be good information for people who want to apply


current scores are are EQ 676 Trans 674 EX 678 I have a judgement that still has around 400 paying it off and a 1700 collection from 2012


current cards are amex everyday cl 1000, barclay rewards mc 1400 and creditone 550 and im an AU on my moms freedom 12000 CL which always has a zero balance


i was pre qualified for the CSP and was approved for the 5000

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Re: CSP Approval

Woo hoo. Congrats.
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Re: CSP Approval

Thats awesome! Is it time to give C1 the walking papers yetSmiley Wink
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Re: CSP Approval

Welcome to the CSP family!!


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Cap One QS- Synchrony WalMart MC- Barclay JetBlue MC

BP Gas- Milestone- Credit One

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Capital One Spark Business Visa // BP Business Solutions MC
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