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CSP approval!!!

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Re: CSP approval!!!

@TheGeekyCreditGuy wrote:

@Cashbackjunky wrote:
@just went into the branch (because I had an in branch pre-approval and I was at 5/24) and applied for the CSP and was approved for $20,200 @ 12.74% APR (This doesn't matter as I ALWAYS PIF).

I'm elated right now!

I just hope Chase doesn't take AA against me as this is my 5th new card in 3 months.


Awesome! I seen your other post and how you were debating on applying, glad you did especially with a decent 20k SL approval!  Did you have any other Chase cards prior to this and what were their limits?

@Thanks @TheGeekyCreditGuy!


I did have other Chase cards before:

- Chase Freedom - $5,500

- Chase Amazon Prime - $9,000


I have other cards with big limits 

- AmEx BCP - $34,000

- BofA rewards - $25,000

- Cap1 Venture - $30,000

- synchrony card care - $25,000

- Discover It - $14,500



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Re: CSP approval!!!

Congrats!!  That's a Greeaat SL!  Very nice UR card too!!


For me, Chase HPs tend to show up in 24 to 48 hours.  Please let us know if they do and if you got double pulled.


Meanwhile, ENJOY the new metal!!! Smiley Very Happy

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