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CSP approved

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CSP approved

I got the pre-approved in my offers in my Chase account (I have the Freedom), I apped yesterday , got 30 day message then in the evening the CSP show up in my account with 8k$ SL , 

now in my offers I have only the SLATE but I am looking at the Citi cards for the Costco and AAdavantage.

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Re: CSP approved

Same thing with me but I applied Sunday.  Don't forget to call them to get the card's free Smiley Happy




Edit - Also just a DP I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I am way over the 5/24 rule.  Followed advice on this forum to let the application sit and not call recon since I was getting the 30 day message over the phone and my patience paid off.

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Re: CSP approved

Can't wait til something shows up in my preapprovals again.  Just go the freedom in September and I immediately charged 2k to it then paid off 1k immediately.  The following week I paid it down to $100.00.  Been using the card here and there but paying it off right after using it literally but I do that with all my cards.  Hopefully Chase likes what they see soon and will offer me a CSP.


Congrats to you and I'm jelly!

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