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CSR Approval - Surprise SL!

Senior Contributor

Re: CSR Approval - Surprise SL!

I think you’re UNDER-excited lol. I would be beyond thrilled to get that SL. Congrats!!!!!

Discover It: 21.5k
Amex Cash Magnet: 18k
Fidelity Visa: 13k
Apple Card: 4.25k
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Re: CSR Approval - Surprise SL!

Congrats on approval and enormous SL! You can definitely call in and get the card rush shipped Smiley Happy
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Re: CSR Approval - Surprise SL!

Update: As a few of you speculated/said based on experience, card arrived today w/out me calling in to request expedited shipping. It’ll get plenty of use over the next month for work (and the SUB), and be one of my daily users going forward.

For those keeping track, that’s approval to door in ~2 days.
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