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CSR approved - in branch - 4/24

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CSR approved - in branch - 4/24

Went into my local branch to check if I was pre-approved, I was not. Went ahead with the app anyway.


Approved instantly for $10k. I was 4/24 before this app. 


Could not expedite card at the time, I might call in later to see if they will expedite.


$50k stated income, although I just got a new job with a sizable raise in income, I decided to state my previous income.


FICO score 08 EX 718 TU 738 EQ 725


Oldest line of credit 18 months. AAoA 6 months.


I already have FU $1k (approved in May) and CSP $5k (approved in July)


$10k is now my highest limit. Very happy about this. Good luck to everyone, I hope my data points help anyone that is under 5/24 and is on the fence.

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Re: CSR approved - in branch - 4/24

This is fantastic, I am happy for you that you were approved Smiley Wink and now to collect the 100k bonus points , congrats 

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Re: CSR approved - in branch - 4/24

Thanks Mia !!!
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Re: CSR approved - in branch - 4/24

Congrats to you !!!!!

Fico 8's TU 756/ EQ 754/ EX 743- 8/2020// AAoA 5.7 years // Lines August 2020 = 619k Personal - Business 61k // Inquiries 6 TU - 0 Exp - 0 Eq.
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