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CSR surprising approval

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CSR surprising approval

I’m relatively new to MyFICO and the whole credit score tracking game. I decided to commit to change my stagnant credit scores over the last few months with the help of all of you. I am therefore, Thankful to all of you for opening up my eyes and educating me in the process.


Walked into my local Chase branch as I had been seeing CS Preferred offer on my account over the last few weeks. Asked if my account had offers available and the service rep informs me that I was pre-approved on every credit card, as he turns the screen to show me. I asked specifically about the CSR and was informed that it was already approved, but would only know the SL and APR upon accepting the terms. Signed the online documents on the spot and submit. A few seconds later the service rep decides to play a joke on me (as we had been chit chatting and getting along pretty well) and tells me that the SL is only $5,000. I’m a bit bewildered as I thought the SL’s on the CSR’s were 10k + and the service rep turns the computer screen around to show me the TRUE SL of $32,200 and 17.7% APR (not happy with APR, but it was the lowest they showed). I was floored as I was merely expecting a 10k line. Needless to say I’m off to gardening for the next few months when my car substitution is up.


Just an FYI: Chase online offers only showed the CS Preferred as a pre-approval. It wasn’t till I walked into the branch that I found out I had several available.


Points: AAoA: 6 yr 10 mths (due to the recent lines), Total UTI-28%, Inquiries-5 (2yrs), Aquired-Amex X 3 in last 90 days, NFCU-1 Platn CC-1 month ago, CSR-today. No baddies. 200k+ income, 150k+ trade lines.   



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Re: CSR surprising approval

CongratsSmiley Happy if you were expecting a lower apr from Chase you probably should look elsewhere. Thats actually a good apr from them but pif it becomes moot.
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Re: CSR surprising approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: CSR surprising approval

I had to read that twice...CONGRATULATIONS!

That is a killer CL and a great APR (by Chase standards)

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Re: CSR surprising approval

Congrats on your CSR approval and monster SL! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: CSR surprising approval

That's indeed a phenominal approval and SL!!  Congrats!

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Re: CSR surprising approval

Congratulations!!! That's a beast of a SL!

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Re: CSR surprising approval

Wow! Congratulations

I had a similar Approval online for CSP, in branch CSR

Also surprised by big SL
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Re: CSR surprising approval

Congrats. That is a awesomely HUGE SL. I could definitely use one of those too. Lol. Wow.
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Re: CSR surprising approval

Congrats on your approval and super awesome SL!!


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