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Cabela's VISA (WFB)

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Cabela's VISA (WFB)

BK7 dc'd in January. App'd for this card around a 2 weeks ago. I think all apps may be manual review from what I read. Got a letter last week informing me I was approved, it didn't offer any card info. Called customer service and was told it was a $3k SL at 9.9% on Cabela's purchases, and 18.77% every where else.

She told me in a few months I could request a rate reduction on the 18.77% and at 6mos I could request a CLI but it would be a HP.


EDIT:. Forgot to add, it's already reported on EX and I haven't even received the card yet. 

Learning from my past and rebuilding..

BK discharged 1/10/17
scores: EQ 659 | TU 630 | EX 659

QS 3.8K | WF 500 | Cabela's 3k | ACU 500 |

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Re: Cabela's VISA (WFB)

Congrats on the approval. I use my card for everything and the points add up quick. They can be a little tight on CLI's from time to time. they are picky about utilization though. Overall a pretty card though IMO... enjoy

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Re: Cabela's VISA (WFB)

I think the CLI's are pretty much a moot point as CapOne will be taking over the accounts in the very near future
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