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Cap 1 CLI success!!


Re: Cap 1 CLI success!!

@Anonymous wrote:

It pays to be courteous.  Cap 1 declined my request due to a returned payment. I pay it down every month but I have a $25 autopay at the end of every month as a failsafe in case I happen to forget, and when I switched banks, I forgot about that recurring payment, so it got kicked, even though I had already made a payment beforehand.  I ended up emailing the CEO's office and asked them to reconsider based on 2 years of perfect payment history, and the circumstances around the returned payment.  About 10 days went by with no response, so I figured they just blew it off.  A rep contacted me yesterday and explained that despite the returned payment having no negative effect, per their policy they would not be able to grant the increase.  I was polite and although it wasn't the answer I was hoping for, I know that my credit is still a work in progress and I just need to keep building.  

Today I got another call and the rep said after our conversation, she spoke to one of the managers and they decided to grant me the increase!  They said I'd get a confirmation letter stating the amount in 10-14 days!  Something tells me if I had gotten ignorant and voiced my frustration on the first call, there's a good chance this wouldn't have happened.  


Congrats on that success,


I had a similar situation about two years ago and they gave me that same spill..  I just accepted it and had to wait it out.  I didn't get rude with them either but thought it was ridiculous since I've never had a late payment with them  (and caught the error the same day and called in to correct it).   Oh well... they will do as they please..

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