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Cap One Savior Approval

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval

I know the NFCU stuff isn't great...but....terrific results with C1!  Congratulations on your approval!! 🎉🥂

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval

@aglarry     Congrats a WIN is a WIN and don't give up you will get there with Navy I believe in you

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval


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Re: Cap One Savior Approval

@aglarry wrote:

You good folks have helped me with my rebuilding and rebuiliding questions, the hardest part is actually following the advice and being patient!! But here we go.


1 year ago:

-Auto loan 12% APR

-Opened CapOne Plat $300 SL unsecured, went to $500 CL with credit steps, PC to QS

-Opened NFCU Secured card $300 deposit, in 7 months graduated to a $2k cashreward unsecured.


This week:

-NFCU autorefi denied (bummed)

-NFCU CLI request denied, CLI recon also denied (bummed)

-NFCU MoreRewards app denied, recon also denied (extra duper bummed) "we must stand by our original decision"

-CapOne QS CLI to $600 (a little bummed but I took the CLI)

-CapOne auto refi APPROVED 6% APR 


Enter The Savior to save me from all these NFCU denials.


Out of nowhere I get an email from CapOne stating I'm prequalified for SavorOne, 9 months 0% intro apr, 24.99% apr after. Now I had 0 intention on apping for a SavorOne anytime soon due to 1) lack of prequal option for Savor/Venture on website 2) fear of being a bucketed card and 3) CapOne's reputation on CLIs. I had my focus on MoreRewards. After comparing the 2 it looked like SavorOne rewards are almost as good as MoreRewards including having entertainment at 3% (making SavorOne the card to have for entertainment) so I decided to go for it. Current total util 45% and $7 available credit on QS. I apped through the prequalifed link in the email and..


APPROVED!!! $3,000 SL


It's a great day to be a CapOne customer, an auto refi dropping 6 points on my APR and my best CC to date! The Savior!!


Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳

Starting Score: June 2020: 502
Current Score: EX: May 15 - 687, EQ: APR 2021 – 668, MAY 2021 – 726, APR 26 - TU: 673
May 15 - TU: 697

Goal Score: Good: 670 by May ✅. By JUN 675✅,
Come on 680 across all 3 ✅, 690’s by JUN. Over 700 in 2021, ideally 725plus, 805 LT
Inquiries: 30/0, 60/1, 90/6, 12/13
TCL: JUN 2020 $700, MAY 2021 $13,051
AAoA 1 YR 6 Months AoYA 7 weeks
2021 Goal Cards: NAFs and $5K CL’s

Bank and Credit Union Memberships:

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval

That’s fantastic @aglarry, congrats on the Cap1 Savor approval and the nice SL…enjoy the card! Smiley Wink

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Re: Cap One Savior Approval



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