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Cap One (slop) Bucket Luv x 2

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Re: Cap One (slop) Bucket Luv x 2

@Dinosaur wrote:

James_A quite a "slop bucket" and your persistence is paying off slowly. Seems Cap1 can be stubborn from time to time on CLIs ... keep pushing! Smiley Happy

I doubt any lender is "stubborn" with you and your fine scores, D. Hopefully I get to your neighborhood at some point down the road.

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Re: Cap One (slop) Bucket Luv x 2

Congrats on the CLI with Cap1. I think I've gotten 1 over the last 2 years. I almost never use their cards.

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Re: Cap One (slop) Bucket Luv x 2

Congratulations on your CLI approvals!

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Re: Cap One (slop) Bucket Luv x 2

Congratulations! They gave higher CLIs when I first got them. Somewhere along the way that changed. Grow them, get something better, combine so no annual fee and then sock drawer them if practical.

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