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Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Whoa that’s awesome. I wish this would happen to me. I request every month. One of these days they will give in.
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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Holy smokes! Congrats! Light em UP!


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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Fantastic CLI! Congrats! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800



I guess they love usage but they always find amazing "reasons" to deny my CLI. Seeing this post gives me hope Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Congrats on the CLI! Cap1 is quite fickle, I've tried getting a CLI from them several times now but no dice. Could also be that I barely use the card.

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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Not just usage, they like you to come close to maxing out first, then pay it off, for them ideally more than one statement period so they make money on interest. Then they see that and are like wow this person is golden. We make money off of him!

Funny world
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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

Congrats! Nice CLI!

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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

I am blown away... congrats!!

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Re: Cap1 CLI 9,800 --> 19,800

@marmaladepie wrote:

What a nice suprise. Just thought I'd share some DP.

This card started as a rebuilder Platinum in 2010. Over the years its CL went from something like $500 to $750 to $1200 to $2800. It stayed at $2800 forever. For the last two years I put my spend on other rewards earning cards and tried to CLI but was always denied for having "too low monthly payments" of course for not using it enough.

6 months ago, I PC'd this to the Quicksilver One and combined the limit of another Cap1 (also rebuilder that ended with a $7000 CL) then closed that. So the QS became $9800. Then every other month I'd tried to get a CLI but was met with "this card recently had a CL change." During this time I also put more regular spend, about $1-6k/mo on the card.

Yesterday marked the 6 months (my understanding is that 6months was the wait time for another CLI) and I requested a limit of $15k.  Got a response that a rep would get back to me within 10days. 

Today, I logged in and saw the new limit is $19,800! I believe SP only, haven't gotten any notifications on reports.




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