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Cap1 CLI Approval

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Cap1 CLI Approval

Just another $100 CLI approval to $800. I'm aware mine is bucketed and I've read here that heavy usage in 3 months before requesting CLI may give me more offer. How heavy should be the usage though?

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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Congrats on your increase
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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Congrats! I'd say stay under 30% ~ $200-$250 ish to be on the safe side IMO. 

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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Smh with Capital one CLI they are very stingy now with cli. I have 2 Quicksilvers, NFCU, usbank and discover been real generous with me. Congrats my friend✌👌
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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Capital One’s algorithms use at least 6 months worth of card history to determine credit limit increases and Capital One monitors your balances and usage with other companies as well which no doubt factors into their algorithms too.

Bottom line, it’s not easy to get Capital One to open up the purse strings unless you make it your primary card for 6 months which is pretty pointless if you have better cards. People who try to game the algorithms end up frustrated and bitter in the end, not really worth it.

Congrats on the increase though!

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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Congrats! Take what you can get. Cap1 likes heavy usage and PIF in the beginning. They dont look at the 30% thing. They want swipes and to be paid. Best way to climb on up.

Looking at your siggy. It looks like its time to get bigger things. You got some history now. Try Disco out.

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Re: Cap1 CLI Approval

Congrats on the increase!

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