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Cap1 CLI

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Re: Cap1 CLI

Thanks everyone! it will add up over time.


@StartingOver2018 wrote:

@xLeGeNDx wrote:
Decided to give the luv button a shot this morning on my QS card that got PC'd from an unsecured Plat. Instantly approved for an extra $100 to my current $500 limit. Every little bit is a nice addition

Congrats! Did you have a balance by any chance?

I did not, Current balance is $0 on the dot


@ThatGuyXx wrote:



I just recently did the same PC from Platinum to QS. How long after the PC did you request the increase? And as someone else mentioned, did you have a balance at the time?


I keep getting denied CLI's with Cap1 although other cards I have are blossoming and I can't pinpoint why.

I had the PC'd QS for maybe 1.5 monthes, I know its deff less then 2 monthes.

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