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Cap1 PC and CLI

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Cap1 PC and CLI

I just called Cap1 representative earlier and asked about PC to Quicksilver from Platinum and was approved, then CLI through their system from $500 to $600.  Should've lied about monthly spending I guess?

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Re: Cap1 PC and CLI

I personally dont think that monthly spending question helps at all. I can spend a lot more then my quicksilver limit in 1 month and they never bump it up, partly because I never use the card.....and I dont plan to either lol

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Re: Cap1 PC and CLI

How long have you had the card? I’m assuming your on credit steps? When you graduate from steps, and how much you use it, your steps CLI can increase from the email originally sent to you. 


Congrats on the PC!

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Re: Cap1 PC and CLI

COngrats on CLI

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