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Cap1 QS delayed approval

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Cap1 QS delayed approval

So I applied for a cap1 qs (I already have a QS1 and a Ven1 both with 3k-ish limits). I applied on 2/17 and got a "thanks for your app...we'll be in touch shortly." email. It said it was a standard step. I called for recon 3 days later and the lady was a beep and said I would find out when I find out. I was a little worried because of a new lending club account and a few new cards I just opened.


3/4 I got an email saying my card has shipped.


I thought it was probably a replacement or update for one of my other cards but I called cust svc and the automated thing said i have 3 accts and the limit on the new one was 5k. Nice.


It might have helped that I have both of my other cap1's paid off and use them sparingly.


Let me know if anyone is curious any other data pts.

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Re: Cap1 QS delayed approval


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on the Approval and the Very Nice SL!!!

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Re: Cap1 QS delayed approval

Congrats on the delayed, but approved QS!!!!


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Re: Cap1 QS delayed approval

Got to hand it to Cap 1 (yes, I have one), if they are nothing else, they are consistently impersonal!
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Re: Cap1 QS delayed approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Cap1 QS delayed approval


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