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Cap1 Secured-Platinum-QS CLI

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Cap1 Secured-Platinum-QS CLI

Well, a year after my last increase Capital One finally decided to increase my credit line... by $100, hahah.


Started in 08/17 on my rebuilding credit journey with a $300 secured card. After 5 months, $600 secured card and 6 months after that a $600 unsecured card. They allowed me to do a product change 6 months from that point and just yesterday I hit the CLI button and they offered me a whopping $100 increase to a total $700. Yay me.


Maybe it's time to close this card and reapply? Smiley LOL

Current Score (01/13/2020): EXP: 680; TU: 684; EQ: 665
Gardening as of 01/13/2020

Community America CU Cash Rewards - $10000 | Discover It Cash Back - $4000
Nordstrom Credit Card - $4000 | BMO Harris Cash Back MasterCard - $4000
Discover It Cash Back - $2000 | US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature - $2000
Target Red - $1100 | Chase Starbucks Visa - $1000
Capital One Quicksilver - $700

Total Credit: $28800
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Re: Cap1 Secured-Platinum-QS CLI

As you know its a bucketed card and will always be that. Yes you can try. Remember the triple pulls. But it didnt stop me after having 2 bucket cards. Then each approval got 10g's in SL's and lower APR's. But I was limited due to BK. Hey its $100 you didnt have yesterday. Congrats!

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