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Cap1 Walmart Approved!


Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!

@ComeBackLady wrote:

This is my first full fledged unsecured credit card 💳 in that it's a Visa, not just a store card only. Yes, the CL is only $300, but I'll take it. 

A few questions from those with more knowledge than I so far....


1. Because it's a Visa, are the Credit Bureaus counting it as a CC, please? I may wave goodbye to OpenSky just before the AF comes due. Because as I've gleaned from here, it stays on my CR for 10 years anyway. No need to keep it because it will never graduate. 

2. How to grow its CL. I've seen a few things go back and forth and am just not clear yet here. To get Cap1 to budge on the CL, wait 6 months, yes? I've had several, 9 I think total this <12 months, HP's. And the AAoA are all low except for an old, sadly closed by inactivity, NM Store card. My other significant DP's are I have 2 CA open. Working on them. Still there. They have about 13 more months before legally they must be removed in my State of Residence. 

So, wait 6 months... and use it massively up to about $250 and PIF monthly during that time, please? Or something else, please? 🙏🏻

Congratulations on your first major unsecured credit card approval.


Yes, it reported as Visa CC, and YES, you should seriously consider closing OpenSky and/or other similar cards when it's AF become due.


CapOne's CLI is way more miss than hit during past year or so.


ETA, it's actually an MasterCard variety not a Visa...

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Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!

Congrats on the card. But it is probably bucketed.

After a year or so of not much progress with your CL, you will probably get frustrated with Cap 1 and close the account.

At that point Cap 1 will say "Wait!" " Comebacklady" ; and then give you a Venture card with a 10 or 20k limit.

Thats my guess.

Enjoy your new account.😁

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Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!

Congrats on the Walmart approval!

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Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!

Congrats on Your CapOne Walmart Approval🎉👍

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Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!



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Re: Cap1 Walmart Approved!

This is great.  The 5% cash back online/pickup is a huge benefit, and 2% in store is about as good as it gets with most CCs.


This card was my first denial, about a year ago, when I was doing multiple apps after not paying attention to credit for a few years. I didn't even get the "we'll take pity on you and give you the store card" version of the denial. Just no soup for you even after a recon call to Cap One. Wal-Mart is 55 miles from my rural home so I don't use it for grocery pick-up but likely would have occasionally if I'd qualified for the card. 


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