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CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

@babygirl1256 wrote:

Congrats on your CapOne Platinum approval . . . I had a CapOne card about 8 years ago and it went to collections and never paid so I've always been hesitant on applying . . . not sure if they blacklisted me or if they are that forgiving!

Check the pre-approval tool and see what it says. All the others I checked came back with secured cards which I may do as well (especially Discover IT), but I was very surprised CapOne was willing to do business with me again. Nothin fancy, but I'll take it!

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

Awesome, i was just approved as well for a $500 limit for the platinum after burning them a few times, i'm glad to be back in their good graces.

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

Congrats on your Cap1 approval!

You can check for an upgrade around the 101 day mark of having the card.

Myself and others were able to upgrade to the Quicksilver without an AF on day 101.  Mark your calendar.


NFCU More Rewards 24K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
NFCU Cash Rewards 4K CL
Discover IT 1.5K CL
Cap1 Quicksilver 600 CL
NFCU auto loan
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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

Congratulations on your approval!!

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

@thomasjm99 wrote:

I'm not really sure why I checked, raw curiosity I suppose, but yesterday decided to see what the CapOne pre-approval showed, and to my surprise, it showed both their Platinum and QS1 cards at 26.99%. So I pulled the trigger and was approved for the Platinum @ a $500 SL. It's not much, but helpful with my rebuild nonetheless. 


Why the shock? Because I've heard that they are forgiving, but wow...  In 2018 I had 2 cards go to Collections to the tune of $11k or so. Both are being paid off in full through payment plans with Midland (who also agreed not to report as long as I don't miss a payment). 


Here's to hoping I can get a modest CLI and PC to a QS in 6-12 months. 

FICO 08 Scores are low 600's for those interested in that DP. 

Awesome approval!  The Cap1 Platinum was critical to my rebuild in 2015-2016--quite happy with where I'm at now as a result....

What I use (& strongly recommend): Chase Sapphire Reserve | BofA/ML (Premium Rewards VS, Cash Rewards VS, Merrill+ VS) | AmEx (Amazon Prime Business)

What I have: NFCU | PenFed | General Electric CU | Wright Patt CU | Discover | BBVA | Apple Card (GS)

Total CL with Bank of America = $100,000 (Platinum Honors Merrill Client)

EQ 699, EX 749, TU 728 (5/13/2021)

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

Congrats on your Cap1 approval!

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Re: CapOne Platinum Approved - Shocked!

I had a cap one go into collections maybe 4 years ago at about $400


In 2019 I got a secured card and have been paying on it ever since, I didn't think they would approve me for anything since that collection charged off and I never paid it. 


Today, I got an approved unsecured $3000- CapOne Platinum. 


So it seems they are not too big on grudges Smiley Happy 

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