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Capital One CLI

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Capital One CLI

This is my 2nd CLI before credit steps is complete. I got this card in Nov 2015 with a $500 SL and requested an incrrease in Feb, which was for $1000. Then last week I requested another but was denied. Today I logged in to my account and my limit had increased by another $500. I am set to get my credit steps the end of next month. 

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Re: Capital One CLI

Nice! Congrats!!


Please remember to update when your steps increase hits! 


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Re: Capital One CLI

I sure will!
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Re: Capital One CLI

Great! Congrats on your increase!

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Re: Capital One CLI

hope that you do because i did an online chat with them yesterday because i thought i would of gotten a CL increase on 4/19 (12month mark) but was told that because i had gotten an increase in the beginning of March that i have to wait 6 months from that increase. i told them that i've received 3 increases since i opened it last year with $500 limit and i'm currently at $3500 but rep stated again that i had to wait 6 months from my last increase.


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Re: Capital One CLI


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Re: Capital One CLI


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