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Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

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Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

My friend -

Age 20. Income $30k/year.


Data from Credit Karma:

SCORE: TU = no score. EQ = no score.

INQUIRIES: TU = 4 (includes 1 within last six months). EQ = 2.



Applied for Capital One Platinum. APPROVED FOR 300.

Applied for Discover it. DENIED. Counter-offer of Joint Applicant. Friend declined it.


Based on friend's experience, if you're looking to build credit from having zero credit, start with Capital One Platinum. Treat the card well, wait for the 6th statement to cut (preferably with 1-9% utilization), then apply for Discover it as a second card. Don't apply for Discover it with no credit history.

04/01/2020 - EX 849 (Credit Scorecard EX FICO® Score 8, range 300-850)
02/20/2020 - TU 850 (Discover TU FICO® Score 8, range 300-850)
03/24/2020 - EQ 884 (Citi EQ FICO® Bankcard Score 8, range 250-900)
GOAL - 800! - App free since 11/22/2017
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Re: Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

Congrats to the friend on their approval.  Discover is a picky lender.  I have seen some approved with no credit while others are denied.  Discover, I thought like thin files but you never know.  Congrats.


 My brother has better credit than me and make way more and has never been able to be approved for a Discover card.  

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge I have learned from these forums. I am logging off as of November 9, 2022. I wish everyone great success.
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Re: Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

If your friend was eligible and applied for the Student discover it would be very likely to get it.. ithey will try to use an alternate scoring system to calculate the score... If your applying for the regular discover you need to be generating a score for at least 6 still re-try for the discover in 6 months..

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Re: Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

Congrats to your Friend,,,Keep up the great work!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Capital One Platinum APPROVED, Discover it DENIED

Disco can be a very oddball vendor
Perhaps the under 21y.o. applications might be vetted harder post Credit Card Act , if their not student cards, maybe due to some secondary algorithms they use for Identity or something, they baffle me from time to time

Because they generally like fresh files...then you see them CLI one file to 30-40k meanwhile other profiles stagnate at 2k...a hard cookie to dissect at times, is Discover.
Great company, worth having just hard to figure.

Once your pal, has scores pop check the prequal

I'd hold off on apping till the scores populate, once that happens depending on how close to 21 the friend is I'd add 2 more revolving accounts that can age with a Cap1 Plat (ask to PC to the QS, they will as early as month 2)
Under 21, because of the Card Act is treated differently and many vendors seem ultra on the cya, so if close to 21, it maybe worth the wait (my son hits the # within weeks)

Some vendors won't take apps via net or phone or vice versa if the applicant isn't 21 because of the additional vetting for the sub 21 crowd, so if a couple weeks causes less hassle, so be it.
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