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Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

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Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

I know a lot of people on here complain about Cap1 and to a degree I see their point.   Here's a quick success story.  Started last year with horrible credit.  Cap1 was the only people to give me an unsecured Platinum card with a SL of $350.  That card auto CLI'd to $500 at the six month mark.  During that time I also applied for and was approved for a QS1 card with a SL of $1000 which had an auto CLI to $1500 at the six month mark.  


My platinum card was PC'd to a QS card but remained at $500 and eventually they gave me a measly $100 CLI to $600.   Well today my QS1 card hit one year old and was eligable for a CLI so I hit the love button expecting maybe a $500 dollars increase.... I got a $5000!   So now my QS1 is at $6500 limit!  I use the card for everything and pay in full every month.  Usually spend about $2500 a month on it.   They were very generous to me today.  Just wanted to share my experience with them so far and show a little love to them in a forum full of people that dislike them. 

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Thats amazing, congrats on the CLI.



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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Congrats indeed

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Cap One can be extremely generous.

Sometimes one needs to open a new account, but generous all the same.


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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Congrats. Those that have success with CLIs on Capital One cards are those that utilize the cards regularly and for significant amounts, as you’ve shown.
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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Congrats on your success. I actually liked Cap One when I had my QS. I closed it in Nov due to the fact that I was trimming my cards down. They gave me 2 or 3 of instant CLI over the almost 4 years going from 10k to 16k. The last time I hit the button they had to review it and denied me. It was just as well as I didn't need it but was trying to increase my total credit after closing another card. I really have nothing bad to say about Cap One other than the triple pull most people complain about when applying for their cards. 

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Congrats and thanks for Sharing your experience

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Thanks everyone, I was really shocked they gave me such a high increase.  Hopefully in another 6 months they will give me even more.  

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Excellent CLI out them, if they gave 2% rebate instead of 1.5% I would use my card more, at this point it is used to keep it alive once or twice a year. Grats on getting the 5K Smiley Happy
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Re: Capital One Quicksilver One CLI success!

Congrats. Once they like you they will give out nice CLI's and future apps will yield good results also. First one was $1200 Plat for me. And approvals were all at 10k for the 3 below afterwards.

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. And to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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