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Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Approved $30K

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Approved $30K

i want a unicorn, lol, Congrates

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Approved $30K


This is one of the highest starting limits that I've seen.

Given your high income bracket, excellent payment history,

and the existence of a 50k limit with BoA I'm sure all of these

factors worked to your benefit. Very well done indeed!!! Smiley Very Happy


Quick questions: Which file(s) did Cap One pull,

what was your approving FICO score, and how old

are your other two accounts? Congrats once again

on your success. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Smiley Very Happy

Super Congrats on your Cap One Quicksilver $30,000 SL! Smiley Very Happy

This might sound bad but I'm not sure.


Worked really hard to keep my credit in "excellent" standing but i guess over the years just lost immediate sight of what my scores are, we used to have a experian monitoring service at work (probably because of data breaches) but have since then discountined membership. My mortgage is only 18 months old, I have had one other mortage in the neighborhood of $375K, paid off in full when sold the house never missed a payment etc. My BofA card.. i've had for years, it started with the old Schwab CashBack card but once they couldn't sustain that program (because schwab had a disporportiantly high number card holders that paid ballances in full) it was switched to a BofA CashRewards card. I would guess i've had that line of credit for approximately 10 years giver or take a year or two. Same employer for 10+ years.


I believe there's some free monitoring programs w/ my bofa account so i tell you what ill log in when i get a moment and check.

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Approved $30K

@xaximus wrote:
Congrats on the huge SL!

Question - why did you go with the QS? There are many other cards that have similar if not better rewards. Just wondering.

Hi Xaximus.


Good question. 


In this particualr scenario i was looking for a 0% intro APR on purchases for an extended amount of time. Basically a line of credit to put large expenditures. Really i just want a running line of credit for free to give me some flexibility while i wait for some larger investments to come to fuirition.


I did this previously with BofA and got a 12 month credit and but $35K of appliances on it, paid it off complete a day before the 12 mo peroid expired. no fee's and i got 1% back on everything i put on it. Once paid off i just moved my line of credit to my other BofA Cash Rewards card. I kept the 0% 12m card open just as to not make changes to my credit report right now.


So in this scenario i wanted to do the same thign but i wanted 1) a longer peroid of 0% interest and 2) more cashback rewards 3) a card i can migrate to in the future.


I have several friends with the QS card and they all tell me they've had wonderful experiences with Capital One.


In the future, i will probably do some combination of cash back cards and travel cards.


Hard to beat 15 mo's 0% interest on purchases and 1.5% cash back w/ exceptional customer service

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