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Capital One Savor Card Approval

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Capital One Savor Card Approval

Just wanted to tell my super quick story here. I have currently a 659 score according to CreditWise through my Capital One Quicksilver Card. I just bought my first house on September 24th and have yet to even make the first payment. The thing holding down my credit score is my utilization (usually about 35-45%). I have revolving monthly expenses from work that total $6000+. I make $170k+ yearly and I only have a couple of credit cards (QS, Amazon Prime Credit Line, and Credit Union branded CC). Total is about $20,000 in credit through all sources. My wife is a stay at home mom and we have 2 Auto loans for $30,000 total but only owe $17,500 on them. I started reading these forums because I really wanted to get the Marriott Rewards card but it looks like my score isn't high enough. 


For work I do some travel (always Marriott properties) but I do a ton of meals and dinners so when I saw the 4% on the Savor card I was intrigued. So, I did the Shopping Cart Trick with 2 companies (Wayfair $8000 and Overstock $5250) and then a week later I looked to Capital One for a pre-qual. It said I qualified for the Savor card so I went ahead and did the application. 


I immediately got, we will respond in 7-10 days. I was super bummed about that because I figured it was a denial. I gave it a couple of days and then I gave them a call this afternoon. I waited about 20 minutes to get someone on the phone and then it was the moment of truth. I asked to see if they needed any verification or anything. I was trying to be super positive to the person thinking that they might not deliver the bad news on a Friday afternoon. Well, she let me know that I was approved. Natural first question from my side was, "How much was I approved for?" The answer was $30,000 and I was stoked. This will be my new card for about $2000-$3000 monthly in restaurants plus I will get a $500 credit after spending $3,000. 


To me that is $620 back on the first $3,000 that I spend at restaurants. Since I get a company reimbursement on the $3,000 I will spend then this is a free $620 to me. Really looking forward to the new rewards with my new cards. Now with this credit line I will also drop my monthly utilization to about 8%-10% ($6000-$8000 of $72,000 in credit). That should have a massive impact on mycredit score over the coming months and years. Marriott Card here I come when I get back in the 700's.


Have a great weekend everyone and go after what you want. 


Also, a small P.S., if you have never listened to the MFCEO Project Podcast you really should give it a shot. Amazing for business.

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Congrats and welcome to the Savor family with a nice SL! And the new house too!

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Congrats on your Capital One Savor approval!Smiley Happy

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval


Savor is a good card especially for your needs.


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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

That's AWESOME!!! Love the illustration of what happened.  Congrats!!!!! That card is on my wishlist.

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

$30 grand to start? That's baller status.

As for the MFCEO podcasts... he's rehashing things I've learned 20 years ago. He's basically the new Zig Ziglar.
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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Congratulations! Superb SL! 👌🏾Fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Capital One has been good to me. This is the 2nd card on my wish list! Hoping for similar success. Although, I'd be just as happy with $3k. 😂

Side note, stay away from CreditWise, CreditKarma, Credit name it...All FAKO.

Great story. Thanks for sharing!



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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Cap One likes you Smiley Very HappySmiley Tongue


Congrats. The Savor card is interesting me too when my scores start to get better. I love Capital One and I live in NYC and do eat out a lot. 4% back is very nice. 

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Re: Capital One Savor Card Approval

Congratulations on your approval and the new house!

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