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Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

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Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

I requested an increase on my Capital One Savor card which just reached three months since opening. I requested a $20K limit and was approved for $11K, a $1K increase. I was hoping to keep my utilization under 50% and my currently balance is $8K. I’ve been adding the balance monthly because I have 0% interest through October 2019.


I probably shouldn't have accepted the increase because I now have to wait six months to try again. Anyone know if this would include auto increases from Capital One?


I am focused on paying down my student loans, but I will have the credit card paid off before the 0% intro period ends. 

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Re: Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

Congrats on the increase. Any CLI is gravy when the utilization is that high.


If the “auto increase” means their “credit step”? It’s usually for their lower end cards like Platinum/QS1. Auto CLI dosent happen regularly with CapOne.

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Re: Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

I would work on getting that utilization down on that card for these 6 months so when you re-apply, you'll get that big CLI.  

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Re: Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

Beware of Cap1s favorite denial reason "Average payment too small" or something to that effect


At least you got a grand outta them, congrats

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Re: Capital One Savor approved request, $10K to $11K

Thanks everyone for the replies. I was surprised I got any increase with the high utilization based on threads on this forum.


I know Capital One isn’t as giving as Chase, but I was hoping for a similar situation I had last year with my Freedom Unlimited. I went from an initial limit of $15K to a limit of $26K without asking for any increases. They kept auto increasing my card as my utilization crept up.   

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