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Capital One Secured

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Capital One Secured

Been about a month from my DISMISSAL from ch 13 and I finally pulled the trigger to start my credit rebuild. I applied for the C1 secured card and was approved with a $49 deposit. I’m going to leave a $350 deposit which will give me a $500 SL. I currently have a lend up installment loan open for $1000 and a Fingerhut revolving account. I did a pre qual for discover but wasn’t given any offers. Thinking I should give up trying to apply and maybe go with Self Lender? My current FICO scores are TU: 596 EX: 600 EQ: 567. Since i was approved for C1 secured, should I try for the platinum instead? Will it do another HP on my CR? Trying to get the 3 cards to help garden my score...any advice?

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Re: Capital One Secured

There may be others that can chime in with another card that you may qualify for,


but with the two you already have and the loan, it may be best to sit pretty for 6 months, then try for a 3rd.

Too many pulls on your report in a short time can deny you for many.


Congrats on the rebuild success so far!

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