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Captial one venture approved

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Re: Captial one venture approved

Congratulations on your approval!

April 2019 Current Scores: Experian-644(+6)
Goal for 2019: Scores of 675 all across the board.
Gardening until End of 2019

Cap One (PCed to Quicksilver 7/20/18) $500
C1 Quicksilver One $1.6K
DiscoverIt Chrome $1.5K
Walmart Store Card $500

Cards I Want: Amazon Store Card, Paypal 2%, CareCredit, Capital One Savor

Total Utilization: 19%
Baddies: 2 (One falls off in Nov 2019)

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Re: Captial one venture approved


Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: Captial one venture approved

Wow that is the card in my wish list big congrats
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